about the program

Through this program, the NGO works to improve access to quality public services for all (indigenous and displaced populations) and the equitable distribution of resources.

To this end, it contributes among other things:

  • The strengthening and development of civil society;
  • Respect for participatory and inclusive democratic processes;
  • The promotion of peace, constructive dialogue and social cohesion in the framework of communal and regional development;
  • Improving the quality of formal and non-formal bi-lingual education with the simultaneous establishment of a basis for social cohesion through interculturality and non-violent communication.

Program Manager

P. Julien Lokré LOMPO

Democracy, Civil Society, and Humanitarian Action (DSCAH) Program Officer

Project status

Project status
  • All
  • Ongoing (3)
  • Finished (1)

Zones d'intervention

Zones d'intervention
  • Boucle du Mouhoun (1)
  • Centre-Nord (1)
    • Namentenga (1)
    • Sanmatenga (1)
  • Est (1)
    • Gourma (1)
    • Komondjari (1)
  • Nord (2)
    • Yatenga (1)
  • Plateau Central (2)
    • Ganzourgou (2)
    • Kourwéogo (2)
    • Oubritenga (2)
  • Sahel (1)
    • Oudalan (1)
    • Séno (1)

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  • Humanitarian action (1)
  • Agricultural entrepreneurship (1)
  • Vocational training and labour market integration of young people (1)
  • Nexus (1)
  • Peace and social cohesion (1)




  • AFI-D (3)
  • Aflatoun approach (2)
  • WITH (2)
  • CLP (1)
  • MaBYZ (1)
  • Contractual Reforestation (1)
  • Warrantage (1)



Financial partners

Financial partners
  • Direction du développement et la Coopération Suisse
  • Liechtensteinois de développement (LED)
  • Swiss Solidarity (SwS)
  • Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas au Burkina Faso
  • Ambassade royale du Danemark

Financial partners

Financial partners

Implementing Partners

Implementing Partners
  • Association Beoog-Neere du Ganzourgou (ABN-G)
  • Association Manegdbzanga (AM)
  • Association Tind Yalgré (ATY)
  • OCADES Kaya
  • OCADES Ouahigouya
  • SOS SAHEL International
  • OCADES Dédougou
  • AFLATOUN International
  • FEPAB Ouahigouya
  • ARFA
  • Cadre de Concertation des ONG et Associations actives en Education de Base (CEEB)
  • Association Wendkouni
  • UFC-Dori
  • Tin Tua
  • Tabital lobal
  • CRUS
  • Association pour la promotion et l’Intégration de la Jeunesse de la région du Centre-Nord (APIJCN)

Implementing Partners

Implementing Partners

Our projects

Find here our projects from this program.

Democracy and participation

Democracy & Participation Participatory Community Development

Peace and social cohesion

Inclusive dialogue for a "better life together" for peace and security in the Sahel Region

Bi-Plurilingual Education

Formal multilingual education - continuum of multilingual education

Democracy and participation

Support program to strengthen local democracy and citizen participation in the Plateau Central

Humanitarian actionNexusPeace and social cohesionFood security


Project of Resilience and Social Cohesion in the communes of Kaya and Nagréongo in Burkina Faso

Democracy and participationGold panning


Promoting responsible gold panning in Burkina Faso


Promoting agroecological practices and enhancing the value of agricultural products

Bi Plurilingual EducationPeace and social cohesion


Strengthening the quality of bi-lingual education through interculturality and non-violent communication